Sign Up

  1. Go to:
  2. Click ‘Start now
  3. If you already have a Google account (eg for your Gmail) sign in with your email and password.
  4. If you don’t, just click ‘Create account’ and follow the instructions.

Expert Mode

5. Ignore the ‘What’s your main advertising goal?’ section and instead click ‘Switch to Expert Mode‘ at the bottom of the page.


6. From the options presented, choose Leads.


07. Now choose ‘Search’ from the screen that follows.

Website & Phone

08. From the next screen select the ‘Website visits’ and ‘Phone calls’ boxes and add your details, making sure you change the phone calls country to United Kingdom.

09. Ignore ‘Start tracking your leads as website conversions’ (we will come to this later) and click Continue to go to General Settings.

The Campaign

10. Campaign name: chose a suitable name for your first campaign depending on what you might want to compare once you’re up and running. For example ‘Dorset’. Then, your next campaign might be ‘Hampshire’, so that you will be able to compare leads for Dorset against those for Hampshire. Alternatively you could use manufacturers to name your campaigns.

11. Networks: click on the tick (to remove it) in the Display Network. Only the Search tick should remain.

12. Ignore ‘Show more settings’


13. Locations: select ‘Enter another location’. Type in the location and click ‘TARGET’ on your choice.

14. Location options: in the Target section, click the radio button next to ‘People in or regularly in your targeted locations’. Don’t change the Exclude setting.


14. Languages: make sure it is set to ‘English’.

15. Audiences: Ignore

Bids & Budget

16. Budget: Give it a nominal budget of £1.00 (we will come back to this later)

17. Bidding: click on ‘Or, select a bid strategy directly (not recommended)’. Then click the dropdown menu next to ‘Maximise clicks’, and select ‘Manual CPC‘. Don’t worry about the warning re ‘lower performance’

18. Ignore ‘Show more settings’

19. Ignore Ad extensions (we will come back to these)

20. Click ‘Save and Continue

Ad Groups

21. Set up an ad group: Change the Ad Group name to ‘Test’, add in a default bid of £0.05, type ‘test’ into the keyword box. Click Save and Continue.

Text Ads

22. New text ad:
Final URL:
Headline 1: TestHeadline 2: Test
Headline 3: Test
Path 1: Test
Path 2: Test
Description 1: Test
Description 2: Test

23. Click ‘Save and Continue‘, then ‘Save‘ at the warning that you can still add more to your ads


24. Set up Billing: Complete each section, making sure you agree to the terms and conditions, then click Submit.

Welcome to Google Ads

25. You will go through a welcome screen, click the prompts to continue and you will now be greeted with the Google Ads dashboard.