Hey guys,

Thank you for visiting my blog, which I hope you will find both informative and valuable! To give you some background about me, Alex Barlow. I created Abode Media having built a successful heating engineering company in Bournemouth called Abode Boilers, which up until recently i continue to operate.

I gradually grew Abode Boilers from a simple ‘one man and a van’ model to a profitable and efficient SME, which up until recently installed around 30 boilers each month. I achieved this though various marketing channels but one of our most reliable sources was Boiler Guide, who I must say have provided impeccable service since I started using them some 7 years ago. I knew as a business owner that I couldn’t rely on one marketing medium only and that other sources of opportunity would be required in order to grow and maintain stability if Boiler Guide were ever to cease trading. With this in mind, my journey into digital marketing began some 5 years ago in 2015. I was a complete novice having barely used a computer since the age of 17, but I took up this challenge and purchased my first MacBook Pro and went for it. I used software called Squarespace to designed my first website and set up ‘Ad Campaigns’ for emergency plumbing works to fill out my weekly schedule if I had no installations planned in the diary.

It was around this time that I also witnessed the rise of a well know company, the ‘green one’ that everyone seems to have worked for or knows someone who has, you know the company I mean! I became aware that the recruitment of certain key marketing staff enabled this business to generate leads like there was no tomorrow and grow at a crazy rate. There are also various other companies in the reactive sector that have risen, all from Google. Again you may know the ones with with the 50% profit per job?

So early on in my career as a business owner I quickly identified that Google is where my business needed to be at, and, if I could master Google, I knew my business would flourish. However, I soon learnt that there was a lot more to the Google Ads Interface than simply creating a campaign and launching yourself!

Adrian Stephenson (Done For You PPC) writes, “Google Ads is no exception to the maxim that ‘the devil’s in the detail’. I wish I’d realised that when I ran my first campaign back in 2008. Since those days, there have been massive changes in ‘Adwords’ (its former name), but the backbone has always remained rock solid, relevance and detail. Most people could set up and run a Google Ads account. However, running one profitably may be more challenging than Google would have you believe. The experience required to do so comes from thousands of hours spent managing clients’ accounts, together with first hand knowledge of running businesses.”

So it’s clear that anyone could create a Google Ads Accounts but, and there was a big BUT, can anyone run one? The simple answer is ‘YES THEY CAN’ if they are given the correct information and have the time and persistence to succeed. I truly believe that anyone can effectively do anything if they put their mind to it, that’s kinda how I see life!!

Over the coming days, weeks and maybe months (depending on where these blogs take us) Adrian and I are going to guide you with step by step manuals (like the manufacturers do on boilers but only better!) on how to:

1. Open a Google Ads Account
2. Set up your own bespoke campaign
3. Set up Keyword’s & Ad Groups
4. How to make sure you’re keeping your content relevant and contextual to the consumer
5. How you can help increase your ‘Quality Score’ (this bit’s rather important).

All of this information will be free on our blog, accessible at any time. Rest assured that whilst my business does offer Digital Marketing Services, neither I or my team will approach you in an attempt to sell these services, I want to be very clear on that point before we began this journey together. The content that will be shared is simply what I do, everything I know, valuable tips and so called industry secrets. Everything I have learnt to date that has helped my business. And if we do ever manage an Ad Account on your behalf, this is what we will be doing to create success in your business, because it’s a proven model that has worked for me.

These blogs are going to be focused around reactive call outs and I will be explaining in my following blogs the type of work we should be targeting and how much we should be charging etc. A good place for us to start is a company website and hopefully most of you will have websites already in place to send your traffic to (hint: you’re going to need a website!!!!). We can then begin from there. Oh and one more thing, these blogs are organic and although I have a structure in mind on how to deliver these key points to you, nothing is set in stone.

I would very much welcome your thoughts, ideas and interactions during the next few months. I am confident that you will be able to take away at the very least one piece of advice or information that will be invaluable to you and your business once we come out the other end of these troubling times.

Have a great rest of your day and stay safe